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treeAre you ready to dive in and make the change?

Your Health & Wellness Coach – Specialist for women 100kg plus


Outline provides a Health & Wellness Coach that will make you feel amazing both inside and out.

Outline Health Studio’s Personal Trainer has there own ‘been there done that

experience’ which makes it that much more real for us to understand what you are going through and how tough the journey can be while losing weight.

Lisa your Personal Trainer has lost 26kg’s.


10 x 1/2 hour sessions give you……..

  • One on one
  • 1/2 hour training session once a week in a private personal studio
  • Food diary and nutritional support
  • Homework set for the week ahead
  • I will help guide & support you on your journey
  • Your confidence & energy will increase!

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North Shore-Auckland Services


Personal Training | Weight Management Coach


One on one personal training in a personal training studio in North Shore. We can create you individualised fitness weight loss exercise programs and nutritional information that will relate to your every day living. Lisa specialises in helping overweight people being to enjoy their life again and helps put strategies in place so they can live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their life. Lisa is all about the passion for health, fitness and nutrition. She absolutely loves what she does and can’t get enough of seeing other succeed.

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