How To Become A Personal Trainer

How I Became A Personal Trainer..

Well my story is probably a little different to the normal Joe blogs out there who has become a Personal Trainer…

Little did I know, I actually started my journey towards becoming a Personal Trainer when I was working in the hospitality industry. I had come back from living a year in Germany, I had put on a hefty amount of weight and I was working in restaurant and bars. I loved it!!! I loved dealing with people. I actually really loved dealing with the difficult patrons. I loved the feeling of doing the best I possibly could to make them so super happy that they end up having nothing to complain about at all!

Losing All The Weight & Personal Training Courses…

Anyway, I lost 26kg’s and started to really get sick of working nights and weekends. My good old mother then said to me ‘Lisa, you have just lost all this weight and you love dealing with people. Have you ever thought about studying Personal Training and helping other people do the same?’ Hmmmmm. Well Mum was so right! I don’t even know why I hadn’t thought about it! So off I went searching for a Personal Training course. I found a good one at AUT in Auckland. Little did I know I would hate Auckland so much that after studying 2 years up there that I couldn’t possibly spend another year up there. So I pleaded the Waikato Polytechnic in Hamilton to transfer me over. Even though there course was chocker block. I pleaded and pleaded till they said yes. So back to Hamilton I went to finish off my last year of my Diploma.

There are so many Personal Training courses out there, some more intense than others. There was nothing wrong with the AUT Personal Training course at all, in fact it was incredible I just wasn’t an Auckland girl. The fact that I was the ONLY non-sporty person in the class did make it awfully difficult. But I persisted through. I do think the majority of people studying Personal Training or sport science are already healthy, fit, toned people! There are very few like me that go into it because they had lost weight and want to help others do the same. To be perfectly honest I felt so uncomfortable throughout so many stages of the course but I knew I had one thing that overpowered many in the course and that was my PASSION. For the first time in my life I was getting A’s! That’s something only my sister ever did, not me! Passion is a huge word and if you find what it is in life you are passionate about then I have no doubt you will succeed.

2 things to think about when looking for a Personal Training course. . .

1. Nutrition… After years of being in the industry I think this is hugely important, yet many courses bypass it and don’t cover much nutrition at all. It is part in parcel of dealing with people that are losing/gaining weight. Or whatever their reason is that they go and see a Personal Trainer they need to know how to eat right. If the course has no nutrition part at all then flag it. To me it’s not good enough.

2. Do Business Paper… Another aspect that I believe to be extremely important which once gain a lot of courses look over, is a business paper. ‘A business paper?’ I hear some of you asking. Well seriously, how on earth do you intend to make a proper go of Personal Training if you know nothing about how to run a business. Personal Training is usually ‘contract’ based, so you are working for yourself. To me it is an essential part of the course, just as much as all the other papers =) To me I feel like this is the paper that completes the puzzle for the perfect qualification.



For anybody looking at doing Personal Training via correspondance I recommend Fit Nation. They do the basics to start with but cover everything essential then you can broaden your horizons as much as you wish afterwards with all their extra courses they have available. You may be wondering…. how does it all work? Well, the theory work is all done via correspondence, in your own time and around your own commitments. That’s the beauty of this course, you can achieve Internationally recognised Certificates 3 & 4 in Personal training, whilst studying in your OWN time…. but with the practical support of your own private trainer! Studying with us includes 24/7 customer support team, an online assessor, access to all the modules and a helpdesk. It also includes student support, training and your assessment tools. For more information click here >>

Let me know where you studied and your thoughts on the best place to study Personal Training!


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  1. I have just managed to come across your page… when i was searching the web trying to find the best place to study personal training In NZ for 2012! I am actaully wanting to inlcude nutrition not matter what.. as i to think that its a hugely important part of getting fit and losing weight etc!! I to have been in the hospitality industry for the past few years and working on the superyachts now … however i need a change , a career/….. and have always be aware of exercise… and the importance of it… how it has shaped my life. also losing a lot of weight… but put it all back on… the idea is to keep it off…. and help others to do the same. any way… best place to study??? id love to hear it??

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