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Are you ready to dive in & make the change?

Your Health & Wellness Coach – Specialist for women 100kg plus

 How would you like a one-on-one personal trainer in a private personal training studio in North Shore. We will work with YOUR goals and create a fitness program that’s totally tailored to you. Nutrition is extremely import


ant in to us and we will also assess everything that goes into your mouth! I love working with

people of all sizes but my passion is

AFTER PHOTO – 26kgs lighter

helping people that really need to lose a lot of weight and people that really want to focus on a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. I say we are in it for life! It’s a tough journey but it can be very rewarding at the same time. Even if you feel shy or uneasy don’t hesitate to flick me an email and we can have a chat through email first and discuss your goals first. I would love to hear from you and love to help you =)

Your One-on-One Weight Management Coach | North Shore – Auckland..

I have been a certified personal fitness trainer since 2002, I love dealing with people and love to help people achieve their goals. I thrive on the challenges of helping clients lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle for themselves as I have lost a total of 26kgs myself. This weight loss is what motivated me into helping other people achieve the same goals by creating individually tailored fitness weight gain or weight loss programs.

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10 x 1/2 hour sessions give you……..

  • One on one
  • 1/2 hour training session once a week in a private personal studio
  • Food diary and nutritional support
  • Homework set for the week ahead
  • I will help guide & support you on your journey
  • Your confidence & energy will increase!

FREE initial consultation / chat

Lisa Hazelden Your
Personal Trainer

Hi guys, it’s Lisa here. As it says above I started Outline Health Studio as I  had lost 26kgs myself & wanted to help others on their journey. Here’s me when I was 86kgs… and the a picture of me now =)

It’s easy to throw your old pictures and clothes out. It’s not a great picture but it’s the only one I have left. But even if you just keep one. When you have put the hard work in and you look back you won’t regret keeping it =) Above is a picture of me now. Keep up the hard work guys it WILL pay off I guarantee it.

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Half hour personal fitness training session: $29 NZD

One hour personal fitness training session: $49 NZD

10 Half hour personal training sessions for $250

10 One hour personal training sessions for $450

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