Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips From Your Personal Trainer!!

1.   Don’t eat too late at night if it can be helped. Try to have your last meal before 7pm. If you find yourself still hungry before bed then allow fruit or a protein snack.

2. Adding a red cabbage to your lunch every day will aid you in your weight loss! It not only increases your body’s production of fat burners but suppresses your appetite as well!

3.    Your biggest meal should be at breakfast. Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper. Your biggest energy requirements are during the day and taper off at night.

4. Eat little and often is a big saying of mine, helping yourself to those high-fibre, low-starch carbs such as raw nuts and oats help reduce your hunger pangs throughout the day.

5. Aim for 2 pieces of fruit and more than 3 different vegetables a day.

6. Give your metabolism a kick start by eating some juicy pineapple in the morning. It contains Bromolina which means by snacking on it throughout the day can help to break down protein too

7. A wide variety of food is healthiest to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

8. Sprinkling cinnamon onto anything! It helps to burn fat and tastes good too! Sprinkle it into a yogurt each day to raise your metabolism. Only half a teaspoon can help you burn an extra kilo a month!

9. In order to flush out fat, your body needs water! This is absolutely vital. It also helps keep your mind clear and your body performing at its best. 2L or more per day is recommended.

10. Keep your portion sizes in check. Use a small plate, it will help trick your mind into thinking you have eaten more than you have.

11. Adding a bit of chilli to your meals will help raise your metabolism and therefore process fats faster. Get stuck in!

12. Eat your food and enjoy it, chew slowly and savour it. Your body takes 20 minutes to recognise that it’s full. Eating too fast leads to over eating.

13. Your mind is your biggest enemy. Think about the reason you are going to the cupboard. Are you really hungry or are you just bored or lonely? Have a large glass of water and clean out a cupboard or do some housework instead.

14. Start adding paprika to meals. It will give you that much-needed energy boost! It’s ground peppers contain six times the amount of vitamin C of tomatoes, turning that fat into energy!

15. Plan your days eating in advance. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

16. Have healthy snacks readily available in the house.

17. Switching from your cup of tea to the green tea could be very worthwhile. Green tea contains a compound that reacts with caffeine to boost fat oxidisation and resting metabolism by 20 percent.

18. When you are ravenous you will tend to make bad food choices. Carry a healthy snack around for emergencies.

19. Know your weak foods. Have an alternative food. Swap chips for rice crackers and hummus.

20. Putting tomatoes in your sandwich will ensure you feel fuller for longer. The science is that the fruit suppresses the hunger hormone called ghrelin.

21. Make healthier choices part of your everyday living. When dining out choose fruit salad for dessert.

22. Losing weight is not about going without. If you feel as though you are depriving yourself then you will binge. Losing weight is about will power and determination. If you are craving a piece of cake then have a small piece of cake, but only have one!

23. Aim for wholegrain and whole wheat foods. Brown or Basmati rice instead of white rice, brown or wholegrain bread that’s high in fibre rather than white bread. Choose low fat dairy products.

24. Believe it or not but adding a vinegar-based dressing to your salad every day speeds up the rate at which your body burns fat.

25. Choose lean meat and trim the fat.

26. People who add beans to each meal are 22 percent less likely to become obese.

27. Change your cooking methods! Use healthy oils like olive oil to cook in. Or choose bake or grill instead! Do not deep fry!!!

28. If you eat an apple 15 minutes before a meal you will consume 187 fewer calories, these tips just keep getting better and better!

29.  Steam your vegetables, as some essential vitamins and minerals are water soluble and will seep out into the water if you boil!

30. A little olive oil can stop you overeating! Who would believe it but it’s true. The ‘good’ fatty acids in it trigger a protein that tells the body its full.

31. If you are going to someone else’s place for a bbq or party bring your own healthy alternatives with you.

32. Grapefruits have insulin-lowering enzymes, so drinking its juice will aid in weight loss! Drink up!

33. Alcohol, try to avoid it! Your body will use the energy from alcohol before it uses any other sources. It also causes your blood sugar levels to spike for the next 24hours which means your body will crave unhealthy foods to balance out those sugar levels. If you cannot avoid it then have less of it and choose options lower in calories and when mixing use diet drinks or no sugar varieties

34. Aim to do 20 minutes of brisk exercise every day.

35. Swap your regular cheese for goat’s cheese is a great way to chop those calories down. Cow’s cheese is 40% higher in calories than a goat’s cheese.

36. Eat lots of spinach. It packs double the fibre than any other green on the market, therefore helping your body fight fat more efficiently.

37. Eating ‘good’ fats burn away all the ‘bad’ fats. So eggs, walnuts, rapeseed oil and the dark meat in chicken for example are all good to go! They also help reduce the risk of heart disease, talk about hitting two birds with one stone.


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